DigitalNil In Association With Ideas to Impact, J4E & Cubesquare Studios Present Pune’s Biggest Networking Event On 4th March

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Pune, 3rd March 2023: DigitalNil is organising a networking event, Founders Meetup v14.0, scheduled to take place on 4th March at Ideas to Impact, Baner, Pune. With an estimated attendance of well over 400 individuals representing a range of industries, Founders Meetup is set to be Pune’s biggest free networking event. The event is designed to provide a unique opportunity for professionals and business leaders to come together and build meaningful connections in an exciting and welcoming atmosphere.

The Founders Meetup event is open to professionals from all industries and backgrounds, including entrepreneurs, executives and marketers. Whether you’re looking to expand your business network, learn new skills, or simply meet like-minded individuals, this event is the ideal opportunity to do so. The networking possible at the event can lead to potential collaborations, partnerships, and even funding opportunities. Meeting other founders who may have already gone through similar challenges can also help provide advice and support.

Attendees can expect a range of business opportunities throughout the event, including a panel discussion on ‘The Future of Startups in 2023’ with 4 prominent business leaders from multiple industries including steel, energy and technology. On the panel are Vedant Goel, MD of Neo Mega Steel LLP, in charge of the steel supplies for the on-going Pune Metro
construction, Tushar Shetty, CEO at Ideas to Impacts Hub, Ashwin Bhandari, Co-Founder and CEO at iVOOMi Energy and Dhananjay Goel, CTO at Alphalogic Techsys Ltd. The panel discussion is set to be a good way for founders to learn from the prolific experiences of the panel. Additionally, guests will have the chance to interact with the Chief Guest at the event, Dr.Jitendra Joshi, Global President and Founder at Global India Business Forum. The attendees also have the chance to meet with their specific ask people and engage with a range of sponsors and exhibitors.

The event has been organised by Nilesh Komatwar, a lead generation strategist who founded DigitalNil, the popular full-service digital marketing agency, in collaboration with Cubesquare Studio, an end-to-end marketing solutions firm specialising in social media marketing strategies for startups and growing businesses. Another key collaborator for the event is J4E, Global Indian Business Forum & Echai, a business networking organisation, committed to supporting professional
development and fostering meaningful connections within the business community.

When asked about the origins for the event, the team at DigitalNil said, “Founders Meetup was born out of the realisation that successful businesses are born out of true collaboration between passionate individuals. Our goal with the event is to help individuals and
organisations succeed and thrive, by collaborating instead of competing. This year, we are proud to have got together over 300 businesses under one roof, all with the same goal of growing together. We hope to help businesses make high-impact changes by sharing resources.”

The same spirit of entrepreneurship and collaboration is shared by the partners for the event, with Nilesh Komatwar, Aakanksha Tangade, Nandkishor Sahane, Umang Sheth, Vishal Methi, Mmani Iyer, Baswraj Shere and Mubarak Ansari.

DigitalNil and Cubesquare Studio as the Digital Marketing Partners; Ideas to Impact, Spring up capital , as the Venue Partner; Cubesquare Studio, J4E, Echai, Vigours Group, Edconnexions, Uprisers Preschool, Adea Advertising, GIBF, Work in Space, Vars Design Studio and Sarco Consultants acting as the Ecosystem Partners and additionally as the Media Partner.

Starting at 11:00 am on 4th March, Founders Meetup is set to be an event of networking, learning, and fun, while also providing the chance to join a community of like-minded individuals who can offer support and encouragement.To register for the event or to learn further details about the schedule, please contact 8668858599.