Distribution of 10 million chlorine tablets for water purification in Kolhapur and Sangli

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Mumbai, 11,Aug.19: “Medical squads are providing relief work to flood affected people in the state. More than 70 squads have been deployed in Kolhapur, Sangli areas. Health Minister Eknath Shinde himself is in Kolhapur district from the last four days to control the entire health system while helping the flood victims. In Kolhapur, Sangli area, 10 million chlorine tablets for water purification, vaccination for snake bite and Lepto tablets are being distributed in this region”, informed Health Minister Eknath Shinde

He has been staying at Kolhapur since Wednesday. While assisting in the task of relocating the flood-hit citizens, they are also being provided with the necessary medical help. In other parts of the state, there is heavy rainfall and floods. The Health Minister is also reviewing the health facilities being provided to the citizens there also. There are 325 medical teams operating across the state.

While giving more details about this, the Health Minister said, the situation is worse in Kolhapur and Sangli areas than in other parts of the state. The water in these areas has started to decline somewhat. Therefore, the focus of the administration is on cleanliness campaigns and curb the spreading of maladies.

Mr. Shinde further stated that, the health department has employed more than 70 medical teams in both these districts. Besides, a team of 100 doctors would be arriving in these two districts on Sunday, along with medicines. In the Sangli and Kolhapur areas, snakes entered in human area due to flood water. As a precautionary measure, a large supply of vaccine against snakebite has been provided. 12 thousand vaccines have been supplied in Kolhapur and 5,000 in Sangli.

“Recognizing the potential risk of lepto caused by flood water, the treatment pills over 8 lakhs have been distributed in Sangli and 12 lakh Doxycycline tablets in Kolhapur. Around 30 lakh pills have been reserved. Distribution of one million chlorine tablets for drinking water purification took place in the affected areas”, said Health Minister.