Divorce Cases Spike In Pune During Lockdown, 4 Cases Filed Every Day

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Pune, 2 April 2021: In the last few years, divorce rates have risen sharply. According to the statistics compiled from the family court, 1192 divorce cases were filed last year in the Shivajinagar Family Court. Of these, 1,004 divorces have been granted by mutual consent. The data also reveals that three to four divorce cases are filed every day.
Family matters have been on the rise for the past few years. In the last two and a half years, 3,352 divorce cases have been filed with mutual consent. Couples are counselled by the family court counsellor after divorce petitions are filed. Most of the divorce applications are moved on minor or petty reasons such as differences in preferences, ego problems, and financial instability. In some cases, the dispute between couples has been settled and the family’s life has been brought back on track. But the mutual consent divorce leaves no chance for any attempt to save the marriage and therefore divorce rates have risen sharply.
Many have lost their jobs in the lockdown. There was a pay cut. In such a situation, it is observed that the dispute between the couple has also increased. Minor disputes also escalated. Going for a divorce over of a minor dispute is growing, said Adv. Vaishali Chandane, President, Family Court Advocates Association.