Do you know about insurance policy for LPG cylinder blast victims ?

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New Delhi, July 24, 2019 : Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) take comprehensive Insurance Policy under ‘Public Liability Policy for Oil Industries’ to provide speedy relief to the affected persons in case of LPG related accidents. It covers all LPG consumers registered with OMCs. Public Liability Insurance Policy taken by OMCs covers losses arising out of accidents where LPG is the primary cause of fire and not for cases where the primary cause of fire is other sources/reason wherein LPG cylinders gets engulfed and subsequently burst. Currently, the policy provides for the following:

(i) Personal accident cover of Rs 6,00,000/- per person in case of death.

(ii) Covers medical expenses of Rs 30 lakh per event with maximum  of  Rs 2,00,000/- per person.

           (iii) In case of property damage, it covers maximum of Rs2,00,000/- per event at authorised

customer’s registered premises.

            OMCs provide Safety cum Insurance leaflet in Hindi/English and in vernacular languages, with pictorial representation to the customers. Information pertaining to Public Liability Insurance Policy is also available in public domain on the OMC’s websites. Further, regular safety clinics and LPG panchayats are organised by OMCs to create awareness on safe use of LPG, conservation practices and information about insurance among the consumers.

            Following are details of total number of LPG accidents, deaths reported and compensation paid in the last three years where LPG leakage is the primary cause of fire: –

Year Accident Fatalities Amount of compensation (Rs. crore)
2016-17 929 267 22.83
2017-18 1151 292 17.39
2018-19 983 254 7.10 *

*  Provisional

This information was given by the Union Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas Shri Dharmendra Pradhan in a written reply to the Rajya Sabha on July 24, 2019.