DocOnline brings ‘Unlimited Online Doctor Consultations’ for just Rs. 25 per month  

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Pune, August , 2018: To celebrate the 72nd Indian Independence Day, DocOnline, the Hyderabad-based telemedicine enterprise has announced a special ‘Independence Day’ healthcare consulting package. Under the package, a subscriber can avail “UNLIMITED ONLINE DOCTOR CONSULTATIONS” for just Rs. 25/- per month. The scheme is valid for all DocOnline B2C subscribers for a period of six months.

In these changing times when widespread diseases, chronic ailments and seasonal illnesses where hospitalization, healthcare and following treatment continues to be progressively expensive, DocOnline, has come up with this affordable solution that makes quality healthcare available for all. Under this package, a family of four members can avail this scheme for a period of six months by paying a one-time fee of just Rs. 600/-.

Subscribers availing the benefits of this package can communicate with doctors in their preferred language via audio, video or chat facilities from anywhere using their desktops, mobiles or smartphones – all at their convenience! Additionally, as one gets expert advice from best quality doctors, there are also provisions for doorstep delivery of medicines, facilitation of easy diagnostic services and access to secure medical records.

DocOnline is an online doctor consultation platform that always makes Non-Emergency / Preventive healthcare available to users from anywhere and anytime. It makes healthcare affordable and easily accessible through online consultations with certified and experienced General Physicians via telephone, video and chat facilities. DocOnline redefines the patient–doctor interaction model by delivering consultation on a digital technology platform and processes, so that people canlead healthier and productive lives. So, if time is a constraint, then DocOnline state-of-the-art technology and medical expertise makes it feasible for one to reach out to a virtual doctor in real time and seek medical advice at their convenience. It offers healthcare plans that are created and made available to all people on their terms.