Doctor’s Day celebration in a generous way

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Environment protection has become a big issue in this age of global warming. Environment specialist as well as government are also worried and are shifting towards protecting and preserving our environment. The only solution of this problem is to plant the maximum plants. In this context FOGSI has started a revolutionary drive which could be a game changer. FOGSI planted about 1 Lakh trees in all over India on this doctor’s day on 1st July 2018. It is always known to respect the doctors but FOGSI (The Largest Society of Gynecologist of India) has attached it with the environment.

The main motto of FOGSI behind this special initiative is worrying and concern about the health of the women. As per saying of the president of FOGSI, Dr. Jaideep Malhotra, according to whom the children between age of 4-17 years are suffering from blood pressure, lungs disease and respiratory related diseases because of pollution.

Approx. 10 lacks preterm birth are taking place in India. Indian women are 20 time more helpless to respire in polluted air in comparison to women of England and France. Due to air pollution the problem of infertility is increasing continuously. Also pollution results in the problem of irregular menstruation, metabolic syndrome and PCO in women which is continuously growing. At least two deaths are taking place daily in India only due to air pollution.

235 member branches and 35000 doctors played important role

Vice president of FOGSI, Dr. Pratibha Mittal, chairman of PAC committee, Dr. Archana Verma and Dr. Anita Sabharwal told that presidents, vice presidents, secretaries and officers of all branches planted the plants in their hometown and home districts.

Attention on greenery

Ex-president of FOGSI told that we need to plant more trees and protection them to conserve the natural resources of this planet.

Joint secretary of FOGSI Dr. Neharika Malhotra told that it is a result of long term planning which was being made by FOGSI from very long time. All the branches and members of FOGSI took responsibility to make alive these plants forever. 16000 plants planted in Delhi. A biggest program has been takes place in Delhi on the occasion of doctor’s day, here in leadership of president of FOGSI Dr. Jaideep Malhotra, 16000 plants planted in different parks and colonies.

At Panchsheel Park a large number of doctors crowded at 7:30AM and planted 5000 plants. Senior gynecologist of Delhi Dr. Sheela Mehra and Dr. Prabha Manchanda provided rare plants to the FOGSI and Park. On this occasion Dr. Pushpa Chandra, Dr. Shashi Prateek, Dr. Abha Singh, Dr. Sonia Malik, Dr. Poonam Gulati, Dr. Rita Bakshi, Dr. Jayashree Sundar, Dr. Meeta Verma, Dr. Asha Sharma, Dr. Vandana Gupta, Dr. Anjila Aneja Dr. Uma Passi, Dr. Sunita Takkar, Dr. Sunita Malik, Dr. Monika Gupta and Dr. Archana Kumari present.