Dogecoin Investor Sues Elon Musk for $258 Billion in Defamation Case; Know the Whole Matter

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Mumbai, 17th June 2022: A person has filed a defamation case worth billions of rupees against Elon Musk, the owner of the electric car company Tesla and the world’s richest person. While making serious allegations against Musk, an Investor sued him for $258 billion. He alleged that the digital currency was promoted by Elon Musk, after which he invested in Dogecoin (cryptocurrency) and now lost his money.


A New York investor had invested money in Dogecoin (cryptocurrency), after which his capital sank. The investor alleged that Elon Musk promoted the Dogecoin cryptocurrency, after which he invested in the crypto. The name of the US-based investor is Keith Johnson, who lost all his deposits after investing in Dogecoin, after which he filed this case in the New York Court.


Investors lost $86 billion

Johnson, who sued Musk, said that according to his estimates, many investors had invested in cryptocurrencies after Musk promoted the virtual currency, after which the investors’ money was lost. According to him, investors have lost about $ 86 billion. He believes that this loss occurred after Musk promoted the virtual currency, which Musk is responsible for and should compensate. Musk should pay double the loss to investors.


SpaceX’s Dogecoin Connection

Let us tell you that some days ago, Elon Musk-owned SpaceX named one of its satellites after Dogecoin, after which the eyes of investors were on Dogecoin. Johnson also referred to a tweet in which Musk promoted cryptocurrency. At the moment, this $258 billion lawsuit filed against Elon Musk is becoming a topic of discussion in the United States.