PUBG Murder Case: 16- Year-Old Accused Fingerprints Matched With Those Found On Revolver

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Lucknow, 17th June 2022: A new development has been made in the PUBG Case from Lucknow where a son killed his mother using his father’s licensed revolver. The fingerprints found on the revolver were identified to be that of the 16-year-old son.


This was found in the preliminary report of forensic experts. It was also found that only one shot had been fired. The experts have informed the police officers about this fact. Forensic experts will submit the full report to the police in two days.


On the other hand, counseling of the accused son was also done on Sunday in the Child Protection Home.


The accused is the son of an army officer living in Yamunapuram colony.


He was angry with his mother for scolding him for playing games on his mobile. The mother also accused her son of theft. Due to this, he started living under stress.


On the night of June 7, the accused had called his father and said that the mother had been murdered by someone. But, later he confessed that he had fired at his mother.


The police are waiting for the blood sample reports. Police said that the blood samples were also taken from the spot. The traces of blood were also found on the clothes of the accused. They are being matched as of now. These facts will make the chargesheet stronger.


The accused is a minor so he will not get severe punishment but with this evidence, the case will become stronger.