Dr. Alfred Tria from New Jersey, USA introduced the innovative Journey II technology to local surgeons in Pune

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18th November 2015, Pune: Worldwide acclaimed orthopaedician, Dr. Alfred Tria, Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery, St. Peter’s University Hospital visited Pune to train 75 local surgeons and share his expertise in the field of joint replacement surgery.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Alfred Tria said, “It’s a privilege to be in Pune and meet some talented surgeons. Today’s fastest growing segment of knee replacement patients is seeking a return to a more active lifestyle. Traditional knee replacement options don’t meet the need for higher functionality, improved motion or long-term durability. The JOURNEY II BCS knee sets a new standard in knee implant performance by restoring more normal motion.”

Journey II BCS knee, a second generation knee replacement, combines the stability and natural motion of the human knee with new low-friction materials that may extend the life of the implant. Made of Oxidised Zirconium, the implant is approved for wear durability of 30 years by the Food and Drug Administration of America (FDA). Outpacing traditional knee replacement surgery, the newly launched technology provides following functions:

§  Stability – Provides a proper femoro-tibial A/P position yielding a virtual elimination of paradoxical motion, anterior sliding of the femur during flexion.

§  Strength – Restoration of both the anatomic A/P alignment and the normal kinematic patterns of the knee may produce more normal neuromuscular firing patterns throughout the range of motion as demonstrated in the original BCS design.

§  Satisfaction – Restoration of more normal neuromuscular firing patterns throughout the range of motion may improve a patient’s ability to perform the activities they are demanding as demonstrated in the original BCS design.

Sharing his views on new technology, Dr. Narendra Vaidya (Joint Replacement Specialist at Lokmanya Hospital) said, “Recent advances in biomedical engineering have ushered in a new life on high-performance knee implants. Technology cannot replace natural bones and joints, but this new technique, which is introduced for the first time in Pune, helps in making the knee functioning as natural as possible.”

Explaining the rationale behind the design, Dr Alfred Tria, the designer surgeon of Journey II BCS knee, said, “It is designed to reproduce the original internal shapes and angled forces of the human knee through its full range of motion – accommodating the swing-and-rotate of the joint with the same engineering principles that the real knee uses. Because of this, soft tissues don’t have to readjust to new shapes and forces after surgery and the patient’s stride can return to its natural rhythm.”