Dr Jagannath Dixit’s Diabetes Reversal Counseling Centre to open in Pune

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Pune, November 14 : Going a step ahead in their ‘World Free of Diabetes and Obesity campaign’, proponent of ‘Dixit Lifestyle’ Dr Jagannath Dixit through the Association of Diabetes and Obesity Reversal (ADORE) will start a full-time ‘Diabetes Reversal Counseling Centre’ in the city from November 21 with the help of Infosys Foundation.


The Centre, located at Durgashankar Building, off Jangali Maharaj Road, will offer free counseling services to the patients from 5 PM to 9 PM from Monday to Saturday, informed Dr Jagannath Dixit at a press conference to mark the ‘World Diabetes Day’. Infosys Vice President Pravin Kulkarni was also present on the occasion.


Dr Dixit also announced that another such centre would be opened in Nagpur from December 1 and emphasized that the services offered by the Centre are free but registration is mandatory.


“Registrations for the Pune Centre can be done from November 17,” he said.


“We aim to make the world free of Diabetes and Obesity. We ran the World Free of Diabetes and Obesity campaign, initiated in 2013, through lectures, voluntary programs and camps. But now for the first time, we are starting such a fully-operational Centre,” added Dr Dixit.


The Centre will first conduct a free HBA1C camp for ten days from November 21-30.


“The Centre, equipped with a diabetologist and counselor, will provide individual counseling and guidance by a diabetologist. There will be expert lectures per month. We will also take focused follow up of the patients using various modes. We intend to start such centres in other cities in the near future,” added Dr Dixit.


According to Dr Dixit, the Centre will be crucial for data management of the patients, which will further help our research.


About Dr Jagannath Dixit:
Dr Jagannath Dixit, an orator par excellence and a medical teacher, has carried forward the World Free of Obesity and Diabetes campaign initiated by Dr Shrikant Jichkar. He has advocated a lifestyle, allowing only two meals per day and not eating anything in between and 45 minutes exercise, to control diabetics and lose weight. He has also written books on the topic and given hundreds of lectures including one for the Prime Minister of India’s office staff and one for MPs in the Parliament.