Dubai-Bound SpiceJet Flight From Pune Hit By Technical Snag, Passengers Stranded Onboard For 2 Hours

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Viman Nagar, 12th February 2024: A Dubai-bound SpiceJet flight, SG-51, originating from Pune left 180 passengers stranded onboard for two hours on Saturday night, following a technical snag. Passengers expressed their disappointment as the aircraft, which initiated taxiing on the runway around 8 pm, suddenly came to a halt. The captain announced the technical issue, informing the passengers that the aircraft wouldn’t take off immediately.

Despite the inconvenience, passengers were kept on the aircraft, and requests to deboard and wait in the terminal building were denied by the cabin crew. Many flyers, expressing their concerns, were assured by the cabin crew that the aircraft would be flight-ready in 10–15 minutes.

SpiceJet’s official spokesperson provided details on the incident, stating that the flight, initially scheduled to depart at 8 pm on February 10, experienced an initial delay as some passengers were called back at customs for rescreening of their baggage. The aircraft eventually took off at 8.35 pm with all passengers but returned to the bay due to a technical issue. The flight finally departed at 9.56 pm.

Despite claims by a passenger of a serious situation without AC, highlighting the presence of women and children onboard, the airline spokesperson asserted that the air conditioning remained operational throughout the delay.

The flight, reportedly taking off around 10.20 pm, has prompted concerns among passengers about past instances of delays and technical issues with the same flight.