During Lockdowns, 95% Punekars Combat Stress And Loneliness With ‘Real Relationships’: Report

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Pune, 25th October 2021: The coronavirus pandemic has led to a social crisis. Extended isolation is adversely impacting society at its core, resulting in loneliness and anxiety. In such times, we rely on our most trusted circles for support. MyGate conducted a nationwide survey, ‘Trust Circle’ to understand how these circles have been shaped by the pandemic. Close to 95% of Punekars acknowledged the need to build Real Relationships (inter-personal connect) to combat stress and anxiety as compared to 79.03% in Mumbai.


The psychological impact has been devastating across age groups nationally (over 80%); however, it has affected Gen Z (90%) and women (90%) more. Interestingly, 91.93%  Punekars now are more likely to be dependent of their neighbours as their immediate ‘Trust Circle’ as compared to pre-covid times and 95.16% acknowledged that their relationship and dependence on neighbours, the local vendors and support staff (watchman, delivery boy, and maids) improved in this phase. 92.74% respondents in Pune affirmed the statement ‘My ‘Trust Circle’ has shifted to include people in my neighbourhood whom I am likely to interact with every day’.


The report also highlighted that people in the neighbourhood ranked highest in the list of preferences (43.15%) as compared to technology (22.18%), relatives (18.95%) and close friends (16.94%) for any help or information required in daily life.


Commenting about the report, Abhishek Kumar, COO and Co-founder, MyGate, said, “We all are surviving through tough times and the importance of ‘Trust Circle’ and ‘real relationships’ have come to the forefront like never before. It is interesting that Punekars felt the need for ‘real relationships’ more so than Mumbai and so strongly acknowledged improved connections and deepening bonds within the neighbourhood as well as their support staff.”


The report also highlighted that resident of Pune tend to form a deeper bond with their ecosystem so much so that only 48.79% of Punekars turn to technology to verify/validate the credibility of service providers, such as electricians and plumbers, while the rest (51.21%) tend to rely on service providers who have been visiting their building/home for years or those suggested by their neighbours.




MyGate Trust Circle has covered 2,867 Indians of all ages from across Tier-1 and Tier -2 cities, namely Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Kochi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune. The study is an attempt from MyGate to understand the impact of the pandemic on people’s attitude towards their immediate surroundings.