eBay launches a Digital advertisement to educate consumers on Refurbished products

eBay India which had launched its ‘ebay Choices’ campaign in August 2015 to bring refurbished supply on its platform www.ebay.in; today launched a digital advertisement to educate consumers on the ‘refurbished’ category. Link to the film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHP2_ee­­Hs5Q&feature=emupload_owner

Since launch of eBay Choices, ebay.in has witnessed tremendous response and demand for refurbished products. The category itself has grown from 6000 listings to over 25000 listings and has grown by 200 percent over the last two months. Demand for refurbished products has been unparalleled especially from Tier II and III cities of India.

Looking at the growing consumer interest and basis consumer feedback, there was a need to communicate of what really is ‘refurbished.’ eBay India has always acted as a responsible e-commerce players and the new digital film showcases the offerings in the refurbished segment through an engaging story of a regular Indian family. The story revolves around Gattu, a teenage boy who is prone to misplacing his belongings; the laptop being his latest loss. After preaching his son on his careless behaviour, Gattu’s father misplaces his own mobile phone. Owing to the affordable refurbished products available on eBay India, Gattu not only buys himself a laptop but also a refurbished mobile phone for his father. The endearing film captures a realistic, heart-warming relationship between the family, while highlighting the difference between old, new and refurbished products. Consumers can view the ad film across eBay India’s digital platforms on YouTube and social media channels.

Shivani Suri, Director Marketing, eBay India said, “We are extremely excited as our refurbished ad film goes live today on all digital platforms. Through this film, we aim to strike a chord with Indian consumers and further educate them about our diverse offerings in the refurbished space. This segment has seen a huge surge in consumer demand among Indian audiences and owing to the recent festive fever the demand of refurbished goods has reached an all-time high.”

eBay India has tied-up with over 15 organized partners such as GreenDust, ValueCart, Budli, My Return Solutions amongst others to bring in consistent supply of refurbished products on ebay.in.