‘Eco-Diwali Bazaar’ by Pune Handmade Papers

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Pune, 2nd November 2023 : To light up the Diwali season, Pune Handmade Papers is all set to host the ‘Eco-Diwali Bazaar’ – a festival of artistry and sustainability, especially for artisans, creators, and conscious consumers focusing on eco-conscious living.

This environment-friendly event will take place on the 4th and 5th of November, between 10 am to 8 pm on both days at the Pune Handmade Papers Store, Shivajinagar. For those eager to engage in creative activities, there will be kandil-making workshops suitable for all age groups.

At the heart of this event are Pune Handmade Papers’ distinctive handmade paper kandils and other eco-friendly creations. Beyond showcasing their own products, they are also providing a platform to support sustainable and handcrafted brands with the aim to actively support the ‘Vocal for Local’ initiative. The event also includes a special and free-of-cost space for NGOs, startups led by minors, and differently-abled participants.

The Pune Handmade Papers store will also showcase a vibrant display of products, including exquisite handmade paper creations, both traditional and contemporary kandils, eco-friendly gift boxes, intricately handcrafted greeting cards, sustainable home decor, and new ranges of DIY lanterns and paper mâché decor pieces.

The store will also remain open on all Sundays leading up to Diwali, ensuring that enthusiasts will have ample opportunities to explore and purchase eco-friendly and sustainable items.