ED Summons Rohit Pawar: Baramati Agro Case Takes Center Stage in Pune

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Baramati, 19th January 2024: The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has issued a summons to Rohit Pawar in connection with the Baramati Agro case, marking a significant development in the ongoing investigation. Rohit Pawar was called for questioning on Wednesday, following a recent search operation conducted by the ED at seven locations linked to the Baramati Agro Factory and Rohit Pawar’s residence.

A few days ago, the ED executed a search operation at various places, including Pune and Baramati, related to the Baramati Agro Factory. The operation aimed to gather crucial evidence regarding the alleged involvement of the factory in irregularities concerning the auction process conducted on behalf of the Maharashtra State Co-operative Bank Ltd.

In the latest development, Rohit Pawar, whose name surfaced in the context of the sale of factories at a price lower than the original value during the auction process, has been directly summoned by the ED. The investigative agency is keen on questioning him about his role and potential connections to the alleged discrepancies in the auction.

The ED’s inquiry will primarily focus on the Baramati Agro Factory’s participation in the auction process and whether any improprieties were involved. The auction, conducted on behalf of The Maharashtra State Co-operative Bank Ltd., has raised questions about the fairness and transparency of the process.

As Rohit Pawar prepares to face questioning on Wednesday, the public and authorities are keenly anticipating his response to the summons. The outcome of this inquiry could have significant ramifications for both Rohit Pawar and the Baramati Agro Factory.