EESL successfully installs and operationalises over 5,00,000 Smart Meters across India

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13 August 2019: Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), a joint venture of four public sector enterprises under the Ministry of Power, Government of India, today announced the successful installation of over 5,00,000 smart meters in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Bihar and Andhra Pradesh, under the Government of India’s Smart Meter National Programme (SMNP). The smart meters operational in these states aim to enhance consumer convenience and rationalise electricity consumption.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Saurabh Kumar, Managing Director, EESL said, “As India makes rapid strides towards its vision of providing universal access to affordable power, it becomes important to eliminate the challenges faced by DISCOMs. To overcome challenges such as billing inefficiencies, unauthorised power consumption, and DISCOMs’ financial woes, the Government of India is accelerating the adoption of smart meters. We are pleased to support the DISCOMS in their pursuit of energy sustainability and accountability with the adoption of future-ready technologies like Smart Meters. Thrust on such efficient systems is critical for consumption and growth in a sustainable manner and enhancing consumer experience through improved service delivery.”

Made with the latest technology as well as certified and type tested by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) as per IS 16444 guidelines, which are followed and accepted globally, these smart meters are installed in accordance with guidelines issued by the Central Electricity Authority, Government of India. Smart meters are part of the overall Advanced Metering Infrastructure solution (AMI) that measures and records consumers’ electricity usage at different times of the day and sends this information to the energy supplier through GPRS technology. This gives consumers better access to information and enables them to make more informed decisions on the use of electricity in their homes. This can immediately control AT&C losses, due to power pilferage, bypassing meters, defective meters, or errors in meter reading. Every kilowatt of power drawn from the grid is thus accounted for – and billed, thereby reviving DISCOM revenues.

EESL’s unique model – Pay-as-you-save (PAYS) has been at the core of this successful implementation and the positive experience of partner DISCOMs. EESL procures smart meters, as well as services of the system integrator with 100 percent investment, enabling DISCOMs to benefit with zero upfront financial investment. Their repayment to EESL is through the monetisation of energy savings, resulting from enhanced billing accuracy, avoided meter reading costs and other efficiencies. These savings further enable DISCOMs to invest in value-added services for its consumers.

“As the backbone of India’s power industry, India’s DISCOM sector must participate in this new era of energy accountability that will enable citizens’ access to sustainable and reliable energy” added Mr Kumar.

The smart meter technology is critical to India’s ongoing power sector reforms. The Smart Meter National Programme that aims to retrofit 25 crore conventional meters with smart variants will lead to 80-100 per cent improvement in billing efficiency.