Electric Car Sales Surge in May 2024: Tata Motors Leads the Market

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Pune, 12th June 2024: The Indian automotive market has seen a notable increase in the sales of electric vehicles (EVs) in May 2024. According to the Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA), a total of 7,638 electric cars were sold nationwide last month, reflecting a 3.01% month-on-month increase. This report highlights the performance of various automakers in the electric car segment during this period.

In May 2024, the Indian automotive market experienced a boost in EV sales, with several companies recording significant numbers. FADA’s report indicates that the total EV sales reached 7,638 units, marking a 3.01% increase from April’s 7,415 units. This surge demonstrates the growing acceptance and demand for electric vehicles in the country.

Sales Figures
According to FADA, the overall EV sales for May 2024 were 7,638 units, a slight year-on-year decline of 1.24%. However, the month-on-month sales showed an increase of 3.01%, indicating positive momentum in the market.

Tata Motors EV
Leading the market, Tata Motors sold 5,083 electric cars in May 2024. Despite a 15.54% year-on-year decline, the company saw a 2.56% increase in sales compared to April. Tata’s electric vehicle lineup includes popular models such as the Tiago, Punch, Nexon, and Tigor.

MG Motors
MG Motors secured the second position with 1,441 units sold in May 2024. The British manufacturer recorded a substantial year-on-year growth of 210.56%, up from 464 units sold in the same month last year. MG’s offerings in the Indian market include the Comet and ZS EV.

Mahindra’s electric SUV, the XUV400, saw sales of 564 units in May 2024, compared to 390 units in May 2023. This indicates a growing interest in Mahindra’s electric SUV offerings.

Chinese manufacturer BYD sold 163 electric units in May 2024, up from 146 units in the same period last year. BYD’s consistent performance highlights its steady presence in the Indian EV market.

Other Companies
FADA’s report also includes sales figures for other automakers: PCA (86 units), BMW (71 units), Mercedes-Benz (57 units), Volvo (35 units), Kia (21 units), Audi (six units), Porsche (two units), and other companies (12 units).

This increase in EV sales reflects the growing consumer interest in environmentally friendly and cost-effective transportation options in India. As the market continues to evolve, automakers are expected to expand their electric vehicle portfolios to meet this rising demand.