Kia Sets Export Record in 60 Months, Seltos Leads Overseas Demand

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Pune, 13th June 2024: South Korean automaker Kia has set a remarkable export record from its operations in India, achieving over 250,000 vehicle exports in just 60 months. Entering the Indian market in 2019, Kia has quickly expanded its footprint, exporting vehicles to more than 100 countries. The most in-demand model has been the mid-sized SUV, Kia Seltos, accounting for 59% of the exports. The company’s rapid growth in both domestic and international markets underscores its strategic success and strong consumer demand.

Kia Motors has reached a significant milestone by exporting more than 250,000 vehicles from India within five years. Since it entered into the Indian market in 2019, Kia has sold millions of vehicles domestically and internationally. According to the company, a total of 255,133 units have been exported, including models such as the Kia Seltos, Sonet, and Carens. The Kia Seltos, a mid-sized SUV, is the most exported model, making up 59% of the total exports. The Sonet follows with 34%, and the Carens account for 7%.

Kia exports its vehicles to over 100 countries, with significant markets including South Africa, Chile, Paraguay, and other South American countries. The company’s Anantapur plant in India has dispatched more than 1.2 million vehicles, with over 980,000 for the domestic market and over 250,000 for export.

Yoo Suk Jun, Managing Director of Kia India, stated, “This achievement reflects our commitment to providing high-quality vehicles that meet the diverse needs of our global customers. The strong demand for the Seltos underscores its popularity and our strategic focus on the SUV segment.”

With over 400,000 connected cars on Indian roads, Kia is a leader in the connected car segment in the country. The company has an extensive network of 588 touchpoints across 265 cities and is continuously working to expand this network. Kia’s success story in India highlights its rapid growth and the increasing global appeal of its vehicles.