Embrace The Power Of AI: Infosys Springboard Launches Comprehensive Training Program

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New Delhi, 23rd June 2023: Infosys has announced the launch of a comprehensive artificial intelligence (AI) certification training program aimed at empowering learners to shape their careers and acquire future-ready skills. This initiative, called Infosys Springboard, offers a range of free courses covering various aspects of AI. It includes an introductory course on AI and Generative AI, with a strong emphasis on deep learning and natural language processing. Additionally, there is a master class on AI and the profound impact of Generative AI.

In addition to these offerings, Infosys Springboard also provides a specialized course called “Citizens Data Science.” This course aims to cover essential topics in the field of data science, such as Python programming, linear algebra, probability and statistics and exploratory data analysis. Upon successful completion of any of these courses, learners will be awarded a certificate as recognition of their achievement.

Thirumala Arohi, the Senior Vice President and Head of Education, Training, and Assessment at Infosys, expressed the company’s belief that proficiency in AI will give aspiring professionals and young learners a competitive edge in today’s dynamic and demanding job market.

The Springboard program by Infosys provides a virtual platform that is packed with a comprehensive curriculum, enabling learners to access high-quality educational experiences from any device. The platform promotes closer collaboration between educators and learners, catering to students from Class 6 to lifelong learners. Since its inception, Infosys Springboard has gained significant traction, with its registered user base growing to more than 5.5 million individuals.