Entrepreneurs Delve into Meditation and Consciousness for Concept Learning

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By Ashish Joshi, Professional Growth Coach

Pune, 9th May 2024: Recently, I came across a wonderful informal discussion with one of my coaches; about meditation, consciousness and a clear mind; and how it creates a positive effect on concept learning and its execution in the real world. I usually come across such truly amazing discussions because of the great rapport I share with my coaches who come from CXO and have a great management background. Got me thinking more.How about I explore more of this concept with business professionals and entrepreneurs?

I do not come from any extensive Indology or Spiritual background to talk like an authority on meditation and ancient Indian Wisdom; but being a corporate trainer and a Growth Coach for 15+ years now, these observations have been developed through my extensive reading, learnings, conversations with experts and varied experiences.

So: What do we call this thought process, when entrepreneurs grasp an idea, retain knowledge & effectively implement it to produce tangible results?

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