Ex-DCP, Now Additional CP, To Mentor DCP in Pune Traffic Issues

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Pune, 21st June 2024: In a candid conversation with Punekar News, Manoj Patil, former DCP now serving as Additional CP Pune Police, reveals his strategy to alleviate traffic woes. Patil reminisces the challenges faced during the implementation of one-way systems on FC Road and JM Road, acknowledging initial backlash and over a year to streamline operations. Looking ahead, he outlines ambitious plans to make Pune a congestion-free city, emphasizing ongoing awareness campaigns against traffic violations, notably cracking down on drink driving with over 1000 cases in recent weeks.

Addressing concerns over limited road space and congestion, Patil assures efforts to optimize infrastructure cost-effectively for enhanced public convenience. Highlighting successful interventions at University Chowk, including strategic U-turns and additional turning lanes, he reports significant reductions in travel times from 25 to 12 minutes. With more developments underway, Pune anticipates a brighter future in traffic management under the Current Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar leadership who also played a very important role in stabilizing traffic In Mumbai said Manoj Patil.”


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