Expectations from Budget 2024: Education Sector Awaits Significant Developments

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Pune, 21st June 2024 – Preparation for the Union Budget 2024 is underway, stirring hopes among the public for decisions that will benefit them. The education sector is particularly hopeful for substantial reforms in the upcoming budget. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the interim budget for 2024-25 in February following the Lok Sabha elections and now prepares to unveil the full budget for the fiscal year 2024-25. Although the official date for the budget presentation has not been announced yet, preparations are in full swing.

Mamta Shekhawat, founder of GradingDotCom, highlighted that the education system has transformed significantly post the COVID-19 pandemic, witnessing a surge in online education. Consequently, expectations are high that the government may introduce initiatives aimed at enhancing digital tools and improving internet accessibility.

The budget is also anticipated to include provisions for teacher training and development, crucial for imparting quality education using innovative methods. Shekhawat stressed the importance of government focus on research and development within the education sector.

Improving the regulations governing education loans is another key expectation. Enhanced terms for education loans could greatly benefit students. Additionally, there is a call for simplifying the process and increasing the number of scholarships available.

Shekhawat emphasized the necessity of bolstering infrastructure in education. Allocating funds in the budget for infrastructure would create a conducive learning environment for students, ensuring they receive quality education.