Fadnavis: “I Accept Responsibility for BJP’s Performance in Maharashtra”; Offers to Step Down

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Mumbai, 5th June 2024: The results of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections were announced yesterday, with the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) securing a majority. While it’s almost confirmed that the NDA will form the government, the alliance faced significant disappointment in Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. In Maharashtra, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) managed to secure only 9 seats compared to 23 seats in 2019. Conversely, the Mahavikas Aghadi secured 30 seats while the Mahayuti alliance garnered only 17 seats. Against this backdrop, the BJP’s failure has become a topic of widespread discussion. Maharashtra’s Deputy Chief Minister, Devendra Fadnavis, addressed this issue in a press conference, making a significant statement.

In a press conference held this afternoon, Devendra Fadnavis admitted that the Bharatiya Janata Party did not achieve the expected success in Maharashtra. Furthermore, he took full responsibility for this defeat, stating, “Regardless of the calculations made, we must accept the reality of our decreased seats. I led this election campaign for the BJP, so I take responsibility for any reduction in seats. I acknowledge my shortcomings in this regard. We will strive to address and rectify these deficiencies.”

Fadnavis further expressed, “I am taking full responsibility for the situation the BJP faces in Maharashtra. Now, I aim to dedicate myself entirely to the Vidhan Sabha. Hence, I will request the top leadership of the BJP to release me from government duties and provide me with the opportunity to work full-time for the party. Afterwards, I will adhere to the directives of the party leadership.”

Currently, Devendra Fadnavis holds crucial positions as Deputy Chief Minister and Home Minister in the Maharashtra government. Consequently, Fadnavis has requested the BJP leadership to relieve him of these duties, enabling him to focus entirely on the party’s work in the state. With Fadnavis stepping down, speculation arises regarding who will assume the role of Deputy Chief Minister. It is rumored that after Fadnavis’s resignation, Ajit Pawar will be the sole Deputy Chief Minister remaining in office.

Will BJP Retire Fadnavis? Chavan Speculates

In response to Fadnavis’s statement, former CM Prithviraj Chavan remarked, “Devendra Fadnavis has assumed moral responsibility for BJP’s defeat. He painted a rosy picture, projecting that they would secure 45 seats in Maharashtra. Consequently, BJP had proclaimed that they would secure 400 seats nationwide. However, the BJP fell short of expectations and faced humiliation. It remains to be seen whether BJP will retire him or not.”