Fatal Accident at Market Yard, Pune: Woman Killed by Truck Despite Heavy Vehicle Prohibition

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Market Yard, 12th June 2024: The spate of accidents in Pune district persists unabated, with yet another tragic incident claiming a woman’s life. Today, at around 12:30 PM, a truck fatally crushed a woman at Gangadham Chowk in Market Yard, Pune.

Construction activities are rampant in the area, and heavy vehicles are prohibited on this road. Despite the prohibition, trucks and mixers belonging to oblivious builders continue to navigate the steep slopes. Regrettably, this issue is often overlooked by the traffic police, who face pressure from politicians and political activists whenever they attempt to take action. Today, this indifference resulted in the loss of a woman’s life.

(This is a developing story, and updates will be provided as soon as they become available.)