Fatal Accidents Surge in Pune: MP Medha Kulkarni Calls for Urgent Action

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Reported by Tikam Shekhawat

Pune, 14th June 2024: Pune has seen a troubling increase in traffic accidents, with almost daily reports of fatal incidents. The most recent occurred yesterday at Chandani Chowk, resulting in injuries to four persons. This alarming trend has prompted public officials and citizens to demand immediate action.

MP Medha Kulkarni has formally reached out to Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, advocating for immediate and coordinated efforts amongst various dept to enhance traffic safety in Pune.

Her Key Recommendations:
1. Joint Coordination Meeting: Kulkarni has recommended a joint meeting between the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) and the Police Department to devise a permanent solution for the ongoing traffic issues. She believes that collaboration between these entities is essential for effective problem-solving.
2. Infrastructure Improvements: Kulkarni emphasized the need to rectify design flaws at major traffic junctions, including Chandani Chowk. She has also advocated for the installation of CCTV cameras to monitor traffic and enhance the enforcement of traffic regulations.
3. Managing Encroachments and Traffic Flow: The letter highlights the urgency of clearing road encroachments to facilitate smoother traffic flow. Additionally, Kulkarni calls for strict adherence to traffic rules, particularly the ban on heavy vehicles in certain areas.

Speaking to Punekar News, Medha Kulkarni expressed her commitment to making Pune safer. “We must take all necessary actions to make Pune city safer. Traffic is a key issue, and strong coordination between PMC and the police is a must,” she said.

The recent surge in accidents has galvanized support across political parties and public servants, all of whom recognize the urgent need for effective solutions to prevent further tragedies.