Final Countdown to JEE Advanced: Last Day Tips for Maximum Performance

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Pune, 03 June 2023: As JEE Advanced approaches, the ability to handle pressure becomes the key. To help you navigate this challenging phase, here are some important tips:

1. When a batsman is on the crease, his focus is 100% on the airborne ball and the swing of his bat. If he starts thinking about the score and chances of winning, he would lose his wicket. This is just like in an exam. You just need to focus on the question on the screen. If you start thinking about the results or past problems, you may make mistakes. Just stay in the moment.

2. JEE Advanced is a very low scoring exam. If you find the first few problems tough, don’t worry. This might just mean the paper is difficult, or the more complex questions are grouped at the start. Remember, other students will face similar hurdles and potentially collapse under the pressure. Sometimes, the easier questions may be dispersed towards the latter portion of the paper. Keep going like a machine, carefully picking which problems to solve. When you choose a problem, put all your effort into solving it, without worrying about the total score.

3. One of the invaluable aspects of JEE preparation is developing critical thinking, along with time and stress management skills. You’ve already acquired these skills, which are far more important than mere subject knowledge, and they will keep you ahead in the long run, regardless of whether you graduate from IIT or not. Avoid overemphasizing the significance of JEE Advanced results. Instead, relish the chance to demonstrate your abilities on this grand platform, a privilege you’ve secured through your success in JEE Mains

4. Get ready for surprises that might briefly disturb you, like a strict supervisor, problems with your ID card, or computer issues. Stay polite and ask for the help. Keep calm, as the test lasts for a good 360 minutes.

5. The two-hour break between exams is important. Use it to refresh your mind so you stay sharp for the last hour of the second paper. Ask your parents and friends not to discuss the first paper, and try not to think about it yourself. Relax by closing your eyes after having a light lunch

6. Ignore all other students who might be discussing or studying anything outside the exam hall. Roughly 60% of the questions in JEE Advanced are similar to the practice problems you encountered during your preparation at Prime Academy or any other reputable coaching institute. Have faith in your preparation, rely on the knowledge and skills you have acquired. Stay focused, trust in your abilities, and trust the guidance and blessings of your teachers and parents.

7. Thoroughly read and understand all the instructions provided in your exam. Be attentive to any changes in the pattern, as overlooking important details could result in unintended mistakes. Remember not to skip any question that doesn’t have negative marking.

8. Enter the examination hall with a positive and confident body language. Let your facial expressions and overall demeanor reflect your inner confidence. Walk into the hall with the determination of a lion.

A Day before the exam:

9. Avoid studying anything rigorous on the day just before the JEE Advanced exam. Instead, prioritize ample rest and proper sleep. A well-rested mind proves to be of greater value within the exam hall than last-minute cramming, which is generally unproductive for an exam of JEE Advanced’s nature.

Few more important points which can be very helpful are as follows:

10. Arrive early at the examination center to avoid unnecessary stress and optimize performance. Avoid too early arrival to prevent drowsiness during the second paper.

11. If possible, make a prior visit to your examination center to familiarize yourself with the surroundings, thus avoiding last-minute panic.

12. Ensure a balanced diet, including a variety of fruits and fluids. Avoid outside food to prevent digestive issues.

13. Engage in regular walks, preferably in nature, to refresh your mind and maintain a positive mindset.

14. If interacting with friends, avoid discussing exam-related topics. Instead, engage in light-hearted conversations to alleviate exam stress.

15. Prepare your necessary stationery in advance and ensure your hall ticket and other required documents are safely stored.

16. Listen to music that you enjoy for relaxation and stress reduction.

17. Do not carry unauthorized materials into the exam hall. Adhere strictly to guidelines, carrying only your hall ticket and necessary stationery.

18. Watch motivational videos, like “Ye sattar minute” from Chak De India, for morale boost and inspiration.

You can write to Prime Academy for further guidance at

(Mr. Lalit Kumar, Founder, Prime Academy Pune has mentored more than 3000 IITians in his teaching career of 21 years. He is B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Bombay and has the distinct achievement of becoming one of the youngest author of IEEE publication as he presented his technical paper on ‘Power Distribution and Automation’ in 2001.)

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