Find Your Plasma Donor In A Minute In Pune And Other Parts Of India

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Pune, 19th May 2021: Plasma is one of the important tools to fight against Covid-19. The sudden rise in its demand has seen the relatives of the Covid patients running from pillar to post in search of it. Still, the majority of times, they return home empty-handed.

But young Rohit Khindkar has found a solution for it. He has created an app “KoviRakshak” which will help you to find the plasma donor within a minute.

Indian Taxidermist Rohit, who is CEO of Masaheb Infotech Pvt Ltd, said, “My relatives had to run for six to seven days in search of plasma. During that period I got the idea of making this app. Through this app, we are providing the information regarding the blood group and the plasma”.

He informed, “Those who have recovered from Covid can donate plasma. All they need to do is to register with us. This will help those who are in search of plasma donors to get the information. He said that currently, this app will cover only the Pune district but shortly it will have information from other states and districts.”

Rohit along with his colleagues Akshay Lokhande and Chandrakant Walke created this app.

App production head Akshay said, “During the second wave, we realised that many had to lose their lives to the Coronavirus due to the unavailability of plasma. Within a fortnight we created this app so that people can find plasma easily.”

Salient Features of the app
• It is available free of cost on playstore
• It has a list of donors from the state, district and taluka
• Easy to handle