Finolex Cables supports Saath Chal – a spiritual walk to the holy city of Pandharpur in Maharashtra

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Pune, July 08, 2019 Finolex Cables Limited, India’s leading manufacturer of electrical and communication cables, feels immensely proud to associate with Saath Chal, an initiative to spread awareness and paying respect to the ideology of Pandharpur and the story behind it – for the second consecutive year. This initiative is based on the real bond campaign linking Finolex Cables with the powerful and emotionally charging Pandharpur Yatra.

Pandharpur Yatra is all about the bond of love and respect between children and parents as it is inspired by Pandulik’s transformation story. Through this initiative, Finolex Cables supports and celebrates the bond which existed, between Late Shri. P P Chhabria and his brother Mr. K P Chhabria and between Mr. P P Chhabria and his nephew Mr. Deepak Chhabria.

Speaking on the initiative, Mr. Deepak Chhabria, Executive ChairmanFinolex Cables Limited said, “Associating with Saath Chal for the second consecutive year is gratifying for us. With the blessings of Lord Vithoba, we have successfully spread the message of real bond and achieved the goal of creating a buzz and awareness by the REAL BOND campaign for the betterment of the relationships between parents and their children”.

During Pandharpur Wari last year, Finolex cables spread awareness to lakhs of people by creating an explanatory video and by going live on social media. Through this campaign, Finolex cables has proudly shared their inspirational stories and inspired many people. Messages were posted on the social media handles about the REAL BOND which we all perceive in our lives in the form of a mentor, leader, father or a teacher. These messages got strong emotional connection with the audience and the activity got over 300K+ views and created a buzz by making people realize that the bond between them and their parents is the most important bond ever. The success of the campaign last year, made Pandharpur Yatra a trending topic on Twitter. Through this campaign, Finolex cables has proudly shared their inspirational stories and inspired many people.