Fire Safety Takes Center Stage as Pune City Plans Construction of New Stations in Dhayari, Bavdhan, Kharadi, Baner, and Mohammadwadi

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Pune, 8th March 2024: In light of Pune city’s continual expansion, plans have been put forth to establish fire stations at five new locations across the city. Emphasis has also been placed on bolstering the capabilities of the fire brigade. PMC Commissioner and Administrator, Vikram Kumar, announced in the budget presentation that new centers are slated for construction in Dhayari, Bavdhan, Kharadi, Baner, and Mohammadwadi, with dedicated manpower assigned to each.

The city’s growth, attributed to the inclusion of surrounding villages, has heightened the need for an expanded network of fire stations. Recognizing this disparity, the budget prioritizes an increase in the number of fire stations. PMC’s building structure department will spearhead this initiative, including the renovation of the primary fire station building at Lohiya Nagar.

Given the PMC’s approval for high-rise constructions in specific areas, there is a proactive approach to equip the fire brigade with modern machinery and vehicles, including ladders. The procurement of four high-rise firefighting vehicles is already underway, reflecting a commitment to address the evolving urban landscape. Furthermore, special funds are allocated to provide the fire brigade with a contemporary fleet, encompassing hazmat rescue vehicles and firefighting and rescue vehicles featuring a 24-meter high ladder.