First-time Voter’s ‘Bogus’ Voting Experience In Pune

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Kothrud, 13th May 2024: The enthusiasm of exercising voting rights for the first time turned into dismay for a young woman, Gautami Pawar, who discovered that someone had cast a bogus vote in her name. Expressing her distress, Gautami highlighted the concerning incident that unfolded at the Thorat Udyan polling center in Kothrud.

Gautami arrived at the polling center around 11 am to cast her vote. However, upon receiving her voting slip and identification document, she was surprised to learn that someone had already casted a vote using her name.

Narrating her experience, Gautami said, “I was eagerly looking forward to casting my first vote at Thorat Udyan polling center. To my shock, I found out that someone had already voted using my name when I reached the centre. I feel deeply discontented by this fraudulent act.”


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Expressing her frustration, Gautami emphasized the need for authorities to take action against such malpractices. “I was told to fill out Form Number 17 and cast my vote, but even after doing so, my vote was fraudulently cast before I could do it myself. The administration must investigate how this bogus voting occurred. This is a grave error that needs to be rectified,” she added.