Flight Disruptions Continue at Pune Airport with 12 Cancellations Today

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Sumit Singh

Viman Nagar, 18th January 2024: In an unfortunate turn of events, flight disruptions persist at Pune Airport as the administration confirmed the cancellation of a total of 12 flights today. The affected flights comprised 6 departures from Pune and 6 arrivals, impacting travel plans to and from key destinations.

The cancelled flights were scheduled to connect Pune with cities such as Hyderabad, Mangaluru, Guwahati, Kolkata, Chennai, Goa, and Karnataka. The reasons behind these cancellations were not immediately disclosed by the airport authorities.

This marks another day of inconvenience for passengers who had planned their journeys via Pune Airport. The airport administration is expected to provide updates on the situation, and affected travelers are encouraged to reach out to their respective airlines for further information.

Departure flights cancelled:

SG0948 01:50 HYD
6E0623 02:50 GAU
6E0242 03:40 IXC
6E0159 05:20 MAA
6E6484 06:05 IXR
6E0672 23:55 GOX

Arrival flights cancelled:
6E0681 00:25 IXC
SG0947 01:20 HYD
6E0746 02:10 GAU
6E0253 04:45 MAA
6E6884 05:00 GOX
6E0408 06:40 BLR