FLO Pune Chapter highlights the subject of ‘Domestic Violence’ through a short film

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Pune, March 27, 2021: In order to create awareness on domestic violence and physical abuse against women, FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO), Pune Chapter released a short film called ‘Swamaan Se’ meaning ‘with dignity’, ‘with self-respect’ during the organization’s annual day function held online. The film is written and directed by FLO Pune chapter member, Deepti Ghatge and produced by Dr. Aneeta Sanas, Chairperson of FLO Pune Chapter and Neeru Goyal, Member.

According to Sanas, there had been an increase in domestic violence cases especially in upper middle class families during the lockdown period.

“We wanted to bring this issue up in the public eye as it is our responsibility to help women who have been asking for justice. We want to urge them to not succumb to societal pressures and walk out of abusive relationships,” said Sanas.

The setting in the film is a wedding, which serves as a new start, not just for a woman but potentially 3 of them. Aasha, the protagonist, hides her wounds, her pain, like any other woman, but eventually, she speaks up. The film does not give a place or voice to the one who commits this abuse, and even though this film speaks of violence, it is not a part of the film and hence it is only suggestive through the marks on the protagonist’s body.

“Not rape, but domestic violence is the number one crime committed against women in India. The National Commission for Women (NCW) in India reported that in April 2020 there was an almost 100 percent increase in the cases reported on domestic violence during the lockdown and this data does not include the countless cases that go unreported. Our biggest objective in making this film is to create awareness regarding this issue and to have a dialogue going,” said Ghatge.

Apart from that, the function also focussed on FLO Pune Chapter’s philanthropic activities during last year under the aegis of Dr. Aneeta Sanas.

“The year 2020 was a year of opportunities in disguise and in the face of adversity, we found strength. With the pandemic, we got an opportunity to create a change in people’s lives,” said Sanas.
Members of FLO Pune including Usha Poonawala, Senior Vice Chairperson and Past Chairpersons including Varsha Talera, Sabina Sanghvi, Varsha Chordia, Sangeeta Lalwani and Ritu Chhabria were present during the occasion.

In the past year, the members took up various activities toward the betterment of the society including distribution of ration for transgender community, distribution of homeopathic medicines, village adoption program, toilet construction program, Mentorship services for women entrepreneurs, skill training for girls, environmental and tree plantation drives, distribution of robotic kits to girl students and vaccination drive for cervical cancer among other activities.