Flocking To Lonavala: Tourists Chase Monsoon Dreams At Iconic Spots

Flocking To Lonavala: Tourists Chase Monsoon Dreams At Iconic Spots
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Pune, 23rd July 2023: Lonavala, a sought-after tourist destination, experienced a massive influx of visitors during the weekend, especially at the popular Bhushi Dam. Tourists from all over the country, including Maharashtra, flocked to Lonavala to revel in the joys of monsoon vacation.

However, the picturesque Tiger Point and Lion’s Point were obscured by a dense sheet of fog, adding to the charm of the rainy season.

Sunday, being a holiday, attracted even more people to Lonavala, leading to a significant crowd. Bhushi Dam, a beloved spot in the region, saw a surge in visitors seeking monsoon bliss. Similarly, tourists enjoyed the breathtaking views at Lion’s Point and Tiger Point, where the captivating fog heightened the allure of the scenic spots.

As weekend travelers from Pune, Mumbai, and various parts of Maharashtra flocked to Lonavala, traffic congestion ensued, causing long queues of vehicles on the roads leading to Bhushi Dam, Tiger Point, and Lion’s Point. Lonavala city police worked tirelessly to alleviate the traffic jams at multiple locations. The dedicated efforts of Lonavala city police were evident, as they tirelessly handled the challenges posed by the weekend tourist rush.

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