Focusing only on GDP growth is misleading for the development strategy- Achyut Godbole

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Pune, July 2, 2019 : ‘‘Even in the developed countries, the GDP growth does not trickle down as it is expected. So, it’s wrong to say that the rise in GDP will improve the condition of citizens. The companies are bound to increase their production, market share and profit, failing which, they will be at a loss. This phenomenon leads to ‘GDP-ism‘.’’, Said renowned Writer Achyut Godbole.

He was speaking in a discussion organized by Manovikas Publication on the new book written by Godbole- ‘Anartha’. Ajit Abhyankar, Activist and Leader of Communist Party of India (Marxist) and Ulka Mahajan, Social Activist also participated in this discussion arranged at MCCIA Auditorium on Tilak Road on Saturday. Arvind Patkar of Manovikas Publication was present among the dignitaries.  Writer Deepa Deshmukh monitored the discussion.

‘I’m not against the Globalization or even the Capitalization. But today’s development strategy focuses only the 10 to 15 percent people in the upper layer of the economic  pyramid.’, Said Godbole.  He said, ‘‘Such a development strategy leads to severe issues like unemployment, inequality, and pollution. This can be seen from 1991 and all the political parties are a part of it. I believe that the future of the human race is going to be difficult after 50 years and development strategy will be at its root cause. This subject is very complicated, and I have tried to explain it in this book with the latest available data. I’m working on the next part of ‘Anartha’ in which I want to focus on possible solutions to these problems with reference to Indian Economy.’’

Godbole stressed that India has enough resources and there are different ways to solve the problem of availability of money. If we increase expenditure on roads, water provision, electricity, education, healthcare, and affordable housing, then the development is surely possible. So, there is a need to change the development strategy.

Abhyankar said, ‘‘GDP is ‘False God’. We need to realize the difference between inflammation and healthy growth. The strategies that only focus on GDP cannot be considered as developmental.’’ Abhyankar said that the book ‘Anartha’ lists the points that the social activists are talking about from years. The book is so good that we should organize workshops to take it to the new volunteers.