Follow The Footsteps Of Pune To Create Job Opportunities

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Pune, September 2021: With the entire country trying to recover from the economic blow of Covid-19, Pune managed to pull some strings to get the actual work done to ensure that the economic recovery includes all the sets of people including the labour class. The sufferings of the migrants grabbed many headlines last year and therefore, it becomes crucial to ask what exactly the state and central government is doing to lessen the sufferings that they went through. Pune can provide a solid answer to this question because recently the Pune District Legal Service Authority has organized a Rojgar Melava or Job Fair with the help of Lalita Motilal Sankla Foundation and Divine Jain Group Trust. The objective behind organizing this job fair was to provide employment opportunities to the labour class in different sectors like private security, construction work, industrial work and housekeeping in the Chakan industrial estate.

Why Pune Held The Job Fair?
Pune organized the job fair following the directives of the Bombay High Court. The court directed to provide employment opportunities to people to overcome the job losses which resulted from the outbreak of COVID-19. Many people are participating in state-organized lotteries like Kerala State Lottery to earn some money to reduce the financial burden. Following something similar, as an attempt to follow the order the Job Fair was organized in Pune by the Pune District Legal Service Authority.

How The Job Fair Was Organized in Pune?
For participating in the job fair, just like Dhankesari, the interested candidates had to submit their details at the office of the Pune District Legal Service Authority. The same is located on the first floor of the New Building of the Shivajinagar Court. The forms were accepted by Pune District Legal Service Authority till 9th September 2021 from 10 am to 5 pm. Once the forms were received, they were scrutinized and then finally shared with the industry. The next step involved interviews as per the protocol. The job fair was mostly organized for the labour class.

Chakan MIDC To Increase Employment Opportunities
Sunny Sankla, chairman of Lalita Motilal Sankla Foundation and industrialist from Chakan has revealed that currently, Chakan MIDC has more than 1,800 companies. During the lockdown, plenty of the workers involved with them went back to their native places. With the ease of the lockdown and the reduced COVID cases in the country, many migrant workers are returning to their work. The same stands true for Chakan MIDC too which managed to bring back approximately 70% of its employees. To fill the gap of 30%, the company is looking forward to employing at least 1000 workers in different sectors like construction work, housekeeping, industrial and private security.


This is not the first time that Chakan MIDC is providing help on a large scale. When the country was hit by Covid-19, the company made huge donations to help people that included 3,000 new clothes, lights, tubes, fans, food kits for the labourers. In addition to that, it further distributed 5,000 face masks to the police officers too.


Covid Impact On Global Economic Sentiment
2021 gave an optimistic start to the economic sentiment. However, as the days are passing the expectation of an improved economy is slowly decreasing. Many people are keeping their expectations low with the belief that the virus will recur and the global economy will face slower growth. The World Bank has commented that the world economy will face uneven growth but it will be strong economic growth. The unevenness in the global economy will be seen between the developed and developing economies. This year, the global growth is expected to be 5.6%, however, most of this growth will be contributed by the strong economies of China and the United States. On the other hand, the developing economies will most likely suffer from the long shadow of the COVID impact. The economic growth of most of the developing countries is hindered majorly by a resurgence of the virus, less or uneven vaccination and withdrawal of economic support measures by the government. The growth will be coupled with a low level of global GDP. Most of the economic growth will also depend on how COVID-19 flares this year. The economic growth is highly linked with how the vaccination drive is carried out in a country and secondly, how the country is dealing with the virus.