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Pune : Forces Network the vibrant and dynamic community of the defence personnel in the corporate is conducting its first seminar at Pune on 30 Jun 2019. ForceNet (as it is known in its abbreviated form) is more than 11 years old, has more than 4600 members spread across the globe and has so far conducted 19 events across India in its history. The Network is known to be sharply focussed on its two founding objectives. Firstly to help defence personnel transition smoothly into a civilian career and secondly to establish the professional network of the defence personnel in the corporate.

In the words of its Founder Col Iqbal Singh (retd), “We are focussed towards informing, educating, inspiring and supporting military personnel into successful civilian careers. On the basis of data we have proven that those members who are provided effective training, mentoring and peer support in career development prior to their leaving the military are able to quickly achieve their professional aspirations and avoid the typical military transition road blocks that have plagued generations of veterans in the past.”

The Spirit of Forces Network as per the Founder is not about seeking doles or favours but maintaining one’s dignity, not about a sense of victimhood but about competing on equal terms on the corporate turf, not about cribbing or negativity but a Can-Do attitude and not about being a ‘know-it-all‘ but about humility and constantly learning.

The theme of the Pune seminar is “Staying Ahead” – it aims to prepare veterans to be better prepared to successfully negotiate the waves of industry and technological disruption. The full day seminar would have several established industry stalwarts share their learnings and wisdom on the theme. There would be an hour long mentoring session towards the end of the seminars where participants can interact with various industry mentors across the table.

Venue: Radisson Blu Hotel Pune, Kharadi Date: 30 Jun 2019

Timings: 09:00 AM – 17:00 PM

To Register: Send an email to[email protected]