Fraudulent Scheme: Pune Resident Cheated of Rs 5.65 Lakhs in Haldiram Franchise Scam

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Chandannagar1st November 2023: A 29-year-old analyst, Mayank Singh Arvindkumar Singh, fell victim to a fraudulent scheme promising a Haldiram Company franchise, resulting in a loss of Rs. 5.65 lakhs. The case has been registered at the Chandannagar police station.

Mayank Singh aspired to start a business for his retiring parents by opening a branch of Haldiram Company in Bhopal. Upon searching Google and making an online inquiry, he received a call from a person claiming to be Rakesh, a Sales Executive from Haldiram Company, Nagpur.

Rakesh, presenting a lucrative opportunity, informed Singh that the company was willing to provide branches as per his demand. In the process of registration, Singh was asked to submit various documents, including Aadhaar card, PAN card, mobile number, email ID, GST number, bank account details, passport-sized photo, and shop name through WhatsApp messages. A registration fee of Rs 59,000 was demanded.

Singh, cautious about the transaction, insisted on meeting a representative of Haldiram Company before making any payments. The accused, Rakesh, then directed Singh to speak with a person named Amit Kumar Verma, claiming to be a senior officer. Verma insisted that the registration fee must be paid in advance before sending a company representative.

Following the instructions, Singh filled out the required documents and outlet form, sending them to the provided email ID. He transferred the registration amount to the designated bank account. Subsequently, he was coerced into paying a security amount of Rs 2,80,000 and a contract amount of Rs 1,18,500. The scammers then demanded an additional Rs 4,00,000 for the branch, claiming a meeting would be scheduled.

As the promised meeting failed to materialize, the fraudsters began pressuring Singh for more money. After realizing he had been deceived, Singh contacted the police and filed a case against the perpetrators. The accused, however, continued their demands, insisting on a payment of Rs 1,18,000 to initiate a refund.

In the course of the scam, Singh paid Rs 50,000 and Rs 30,000 as directed. When asked for an additional Rs 25,000, Singh refused, leading to the scammers cutting off all communication. The total loss incurred by Singh amounted to Rs 5,87,500.

Senior Inspector Rajendra Landge is conducting further investigation into the matter.