From Plans To Go Abroad For Higher Studies To Entering Real Estate Business

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Pune, 20th January 2023: Amol Ravetkar came into the real estate business – both by choice and chance and here goes his story.

“My father is an architect. Being from a typical Marathi middle-class family, he never had an inclination for business as such. Even he wanted me to do a job after doing my master’s abroad. But destiny had something else in store for me.

Unexpectedly, after my graduation, my father got ill for a while, so I used to go to sites where he was consulting as an architect. That helped me develop an interest in the real estate sector. I was feeling I should make my mark as a businessman in real estate.

I dropped my plans to go abroad for higher studies and started exploring on my own. I started meeting investors for the money to be put into the sites but their expectations and my calculations never matched. So, I dropped the idea of taking investors’ money. But then how could I get into real estate without money. Obviously, I didn’t have five crore rupees to start the business back in 2009. I spent almost 8 years before I could get onto my first project. From there on I never looked back.”


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