From Pole Dancing To Boxing, Pune-Based Athenova Fit Is The Place To Start Your Fitness Journey

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Pune, 1st August 2022: Athenova Fit is a Pune-based studio dedicated to getting fit through body movement. Spreading across an area of 1000 sq ft, this fitness community is located on Bund Garden road, on the 3rd floor along with its associated gym partner, 27 Brick House

Athenova’s main services are Pole Dance, Trapeze, Calisthenics, Boxing, and Pilates. They currently offer personalized coaching focused on Technogym bench, Kettlebell, and body-weight exercises to complement these classes. They plan on introducing more skill-based disciplines soon.

Simona Jadronova, the founder of Athenova Fit conceptualized the Athenova Method, which transforms the body through movements designed to entice and challenge. All these workouts are tried and tested by her. These workouts improve flexibility, core strength, balance, and endurance.

Simona said, “People struggle to be comfortable in their skin, be themselves and grow and I want to provide them with the space and community and let them shine.”

“I try to get inspired, learn from others and motivate others. That’s why, I am creating a community that can offer the same vision and vibe,” she added.

Currently, Athenova offers monthly coaching/class plans, and bi-annual and annual memberships.