Unauthorised Garbage Dumping Becomes Menace For Pune City, Citizens Express Concern

Garbage in Bavdhan
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Manisha Swain

Pune, 1st August 2022:This practice of unauthorised dumping is growing more and more problematic as it damages efforts to keep the environment clean and has harmful effects on human beings as well as on wildlife and habitat.

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Unauthorised dumping has become one of the major problems in a metropolitan city like Pune. It not only leads to the turning of public areas into dump yards but also creates various issues for citizens.

Recently, Sudhir Mehta, the President of the Maratha Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture (MCCIA), talked about the unauthorised dumping near Hadapsar.

In his tweet, he said, “Unauthorised & rampant dumping of construction waste continues in Hadapsar industrial estate! All companies in low-lying areas are at risk should a flash flood take place.”

Sharing the photos of the garbage dump, he added, “Photos from today morning. I have spoken to the concerned to request action against those responsible.”

Soon after Sudhir’s tweet, many people agreed with him and shared their thoughts regarding the same.

One user wrote, “Apart from the eco-hazards that you have mentioned, I think the construction industry needs to seriously consider re-training to avoid such problems, and the municipal corporations need to ensure that their contractors are fully compliant with such eco-norms.”

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Another user tweeted, “It will come up again after some days. Same is the situation all over Pune. Hardly has the new road from Kothrud to Bavdhan opened up, and waste and garbage have already started piling up along the roadside.

“I hope the PMC is drawing up a plan on a war footing for the entire city and surrounding areas. Katraj ghat, Sinhgad Road, Mulshi Road, Pune bypass & within the city. “It’s hard to walk or drive anywhere without seeing these disgusting sights,” said another user.

It is very important to take care of this situation as neighbouring land and water are at risk when there is a large amount of waste in one area. In an unregulated environment, hazardous waste runoff can enter streams, rivers, lakes, and even drinking water.

When the garbage remains in the same place for a long time, chemicals can penetrate the soil and render it infertile or even promote the growth of exotic plants that are resistant to their effects. The toxins may also seep into the neighbouring vegetation, which then goes into our food supplies.

If an unauthorised garbage dumping site is not cleaned up, the likelihood of a forest fire increases. Additionally, dumping trash can result in floods by obstructing watercourses naturally or accelerating erosion.