Fundraising Drive Launched for Pune Woman Battling Kidney Failure at KEM Hospital
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Pune, 30th June 2023: The Lighthouse Communities Foundation has launched a fundraising campaign to support their employee, Aashiya Shaikh, who is battling kidney failure and currently undergoing treatment at KEM Hospital in Pune. Despite the family’s best efforts, they require a substantial amount of Rs. 400,000 to cover Aashiya’s medical expenses.


In this time of dire need, the foundation appeals to the public for contributions towards her treatment. Aashiya, a resilient 36-year-old, has been a part of the Lighthouse Communities Foundation since 2018, initially as a student and later assuming roles as a Youth Coordinator and Outreach Coordinator. Her journey has been marked by determination, compassion, and a commitment to transforming lives.


Aashiya’s unwavering dedication and ability to connect with fellow youth propelled her swift promotion within the organization. She had the honor of representing Indian youth at a global event in 2019, where she fearlessly voiced the challenges faced by disadvantaged young people, leaving a lasting impact. Ruchi Mathur, CEO of the Lighthouse Communities Foundation, commends Aashiya’s achievements and expresses immense pride in her journey.


However, Aashiya’s battle took a devastating turn in July 2022 when she fell critically ill. After enduring debilitating symptoms and extensive hospitalization, she received the devastating diagnosis of kidney failure.


Currently, Aashiya undergoes dialysis three times a week at KEM Hospital, displaying remarkable determination and gratitude towards the hospital staff who care for her. A kidney transplant remains her only hope, with her mother selflessly offering to be the donor. Yet, the family faces overwhelming financial strain due to the exorbitant costs associated with the pre-operative procedures and diagnostic tests required for the transplant.


Rohini Sahasrabuddhe, Patient Counselor and Dialysis & Transplant Coordinator at the Renal Unit of KEM Hospital, bears witness to Aashiya’s unwavering spirit and deep gratitude for the hospital team. Aashiya’s resilience and determination have touched the hearts of all who have encountered her.


The Lighthouse Communities Foundation appeals to the community for support, urging individuals to contribute to Aashiya’s fight for life. Every donation, regardless of size, will make a significant difference, alleviating the financial burden on Aashiya and her family and ensuring she receives the necessary pre-operative procedures and diagnostic tests for a successful kidney transplant.

To offer support to Aashiya and her loved ones, donations can be made through the following link: