G H Raisoni College of Arts, Commerce and Science got Autonomous Status from UGC for a period of ten years

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Pune: The University Grants Commission (UGC) has bestowed autonomous status to G H Raisoni College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Wagholi, Pune for a period of ten years. UGC gives autonomous status to very few colleges in Pune, now GHRCACS one of them.

Recognized for its commitment to delivering exceptional education and pioneering teaching methodologies, G H Raisoni College of Arts, Commerce and Science has earned privilege for its accomplishments. The institutions have Grade ‘A’ accreditation by the National Assessment & Accreditation Council (NAAC).

Dr. Aarti Deshpande, Director of Raisoni Business School said that the attainment of autonomous status is important for our senior college growth. Emphasising the college’s steadfast focus to academic achievement and creative teaching methodologies. This position allows the college to take control designing curriculum, implementing student assessment systems, and awarding degrees. The college can now customize its academic offerings to align more closely with industry demands and emerging trends. By introducing new courses, overhauling existing ones, and forging collaborations with industry partners, the college can foster a well-rounded and practical learning experience that prepares its students for real-world challenges. This autonomy also affords the college the authority to conduct its own examinations, assess students using continuous evaluation techniques, and confer degrees in its own name. This streamlined approach to assessment is expected to cultivate critical thinking and practical skills among students, enhancing their employability upon graduation.

In Dr. R.D Kharadkar, Campus Director’s words, “The grant of autonomous status by the UGC is an immensely proud moment for us. It underscores the dedication of our faculty and the unswerving commitment of our students to learning. The newly acquired autonomous status enables the establishment of research centres, the collaboration on interdisciplinary projects, and the attraction of research funding from diverse sources. This not only elevates the college’s reputation but also contributes to the advancement of knowledge across various fields.”

Dr. Amita R. Gargey, Director of GHRCACS, said that the transition to autonomous status will be executed through meticulous planning and implementation, with the college working closely alongside UGC officials to ensure a seamless progression. The UGC has underscored the importance of upholding quality assurance mechanisms and adhering to academic standards while exercising the newfound autonomy.

For this achievement Mr. Sunil Raisoni, Chairman, Raisoni Group of Institutions, Mr. Shreyes Raisoni, Executive Director, Raisoni Group of Institutions, congratulated all staff of G H Raisoni College of Arts, Commerce and Science.