Garlic Prices Take a Nose Dive in Pune as New Season Unleashes Fresh Crop

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Market Yard, 27th February 2024: The cost of garlic, previously commanding a high value, has undergone a significant reduction, halving in price. The commencement of the new garlic season has led to an increased influx of garlic from Madhya Pradesh. Just fifteen days ago, the market saw garlic priced at Rs 400 per kg, but with the arrival of the fresh crop, prices have witnessed a substantial decline.

Currently, in the retail sector, the price of one kg of garlic ranges from Rs 200 to 250, contingent on its grade. This marks a considerable drop from the earlier retail price of Rs 400 per kg. The previous surge in garlic costs had placed a burden on households, with the price of 250 grams reaching Rs 100. With the onset of the new season, the market is experiencing a daily entry of 20 to 30 tons of garlic, altering the pricing dynamics.

With the decline in the cultivation of Gavran garlic in Maharashtra, there has been a surge in demand for garlic from other states. Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Gujarat are witnessing widespread cultivation of garlic, meeting the escalating demand.

The onset of the new garlic season, particularly in Madhya Pradesh, has led to an increased supply. Following the cold weather, the garlic season in other states has commenced, and expectations are high for a substantial garlic influx over the next three to four months. Market vendors are anticipating a further drop in prices.

Current garlic rates indicate a notable decrease:

– Wholesale market: The price for 10 kg ranges from 1000 to 1600 rupees.
– Retail market: The cost per kg is now between Rs. 200 to Rs. 250.