‘Gauri-the Urge to Fly’ first book’s cover of Gauri Sawant’s unveiled 

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Pune :  ‘Gauri-the Urge to Fly’ first book’s cover of Gauri Sawant’s  was unveiled. Young Author Rhythm Wagholikar (25 years old, Pune) has tried to bring the aspect of Gauri Sawant’s life journey, struggle, research and as well her ‘Nani’ personality into the society through this book. This is the first book of such kind.  Rachana Shah was conceptualized the book.

‘Through this book Written by Rhythm Wagholikar, I have given justice to my desire fulfillment and equitable transgender who are neglected the society. I am very happy that this book will help in changing the society’s tendency to be driven to the transgender community’, such transgender activist Gauri Sawant said.

We hope this book reaches millions, who can lend a helping hand to Gauri and ‘Nani Ka Ghar’ and be a part of the journey. We take pride in living in our own houses, so why not help the first transgender mother, Gauri to build her ‘Nani Ka Ghar’! Every time this book is read, it will contribute in safe guarding futures of the deprived, said Rhythm Wagholikar.

Rhythm Wagholikar, a 25 year old young writer and founder of ‘Applaude’ NGO, Pune, is the author of this book. Rhythm at such an young age has done some really creative work, his world first book ‘Swarlata- Rhythmic Reminisces of Lata Didi’, is the worlds first book printed in the unique shape of a Gramaphone record on the India’s Nightingale and Legendary Singer Bharat Ratna Smt.Lata Mangeshkar. And another “The Soul Stirring Voice- Gaanasaraswati Kishori Amonkar ” a tribute to an Iconic Hindhustani Vocalist- Padma Vibhushan Kishori Amonkar, which is intricately designed and printed in the unique shape of a Swarmandal, (Indian Harp). He is the youngest Indian recipient to be conferred with the prestigious Mahatma Gandhi Samman, for his dedication and contribution to worthy causes for keeping the flag of India high at the House of Commons British Parliament, London.