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Pune, 7’th May 2016:  The latest Peter Glassman book, “THE HELIOS RAIN” is now available on Speaking about the book, the American author who has written a string of medical thrillers says, “When my Army Mash unit was deployed during Desert Storm we were told Iraq had acquired toxic chemical agents from Iran and Russia-a gas mask was a must. For the next Iraqi war and the Afghanistan war we were told the same thing and prepared accordingly. Yet the public was never informed and then Syria unleashes deadly chemicals on its own citizens. Who’s next?” He adds, “The answer is the United States. THE HELIOS RAIN is a warning that the world must do something about enforcing the global ban on chemical warfare. As of this writing we have done nothing.”

Speaking about his style of writing, Peter says,” I write medical & crime thrillers. In addition, I have several collections of short stories, an historical western novel, several romantic thrillers, a fantasy-paranormal terrorist thriller and a corporate drug company expose thriller. I recently had an article published by the addiction magazine Grapevine as my first non-indie professional work.”

He turned to writing when, “Many in Toastmasters International kept telling me my speeches, although non-fiction, had a captivity of a novel. “You should write a book” and so and I did.”

Speaking about the inspiration behind writing his books, Peter says, “My first editor told me to write about what I know. All my books, including the soon to be released OCEAN CITY HQ, are based on story lines from personal experience.” He adds, “Isaac Asimov. He was Professor of Biochemistry when I was in medical school and my writing mentor.”

According to him his biggest accomplishment till date has been, “I consider my 4 PTSD novels that provide an entertaining story line with PTSD diagnosis, treatment, and hope.”

Talking about the niches he wanted to write next on, Glassman said, “I would like to address YA and middle age life situations and especially the military. I was heading toward an academic career when I was called up for Navy service during a war. It changed my entire life.”

About Dr. Peter Glassman

He spent most of his life in Massachusetts and schooling leading up to both an MD and PhD in medicine and directed medical research for the last 20 years of his healthcare career with drug development in major pharmaceutical companies. He’s always been caught up in history and his medical thriller COTTER attests to the historical fact both in medicine and family life in the struggling Post-Civil War years 1868-1872.