Ghar – A Retirement Home For The Elderly In Pune

ghar pune - old age home and orphanage
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Anamika Chauhan & Sheetal Akhade
Pune, 11th February 2022: Each one of us has a desire to do something for those who are lesser fortunate than us. Some are fortunate to be able to give wings to their dreams.”Ghar” is an outcome of one such dream.

Ghar is an old age home facility located between Kendriya Vidyalaya BEG and Deccan College, Yerwada. It is managed by Sant Ishwar Foundation, a registered public charitable trust which was formed in December 2018 by a highly experienced, qualified and motivated team of four Army officers along with other members with the purpose of carrying out charitable activities for the public. There are now six retired soldiers as their trustees.

Ghar is an institution that will house orphan and marginalized girls, paralyzed women and the elderly. It is the creation of a home as it exists in our own house which has three generations of people living together-children, parents, and grandparents.

Members will have a role and responsibility since it is the assignment of a role and responsibility that brings about a sense of belongingness, oneness and unity, of being part of a family, of security, of education, of hope, of a good future, of care and affection and above all of the love.

The Founder Trustee of Ghar, Colonel Mickie Uberoi (Retd) is a veteran who post-retirement plunged himself into an entrepreneurship venture and began his quest to serve humanity.

He said “it’s a dream that I had from the time that I was in the National Defence Academy (NDA) when I was barely 18-19 years old which has finally fructified in an institution that we have named Ghar. It was a big struggle to come to this stage and there was a lot of conflict within me because it was a question of where would the money come from, after all, I’m a retired pensioner. But somehow that objective, that dream that I had in my mind prevailed and finally Ghar emerged!”

The creators of Ghar ( want to give the best to its residents. The infrastructure of Ghar has been designed to house senior citizens and caters to their needs in every manner. The children will be girls who will be provided education in good English medium schools. They will be provided with the same facilities and opportunities as any middle-class family provides to their children. They said, “we want to see them reach for the stars and to realise their full potential”.

Paralyzed ladies will be coming from the poor sections of society and will be made into productive, useful, and confident members of society. They will be imparted skill training and mainstreamed into society. At the end of the day, despite their disability, they must feel that they are no lesser than anyone else.

Senior citizens will have the advantage of having children around them which will spruce up their lives and make it more exciting. Paralyzed women will be like mothers of these little girls who will have the elderly around them like their own grandparents. Ghar is about the creation of such relationships.

The facilities that Ghar provides are beyond what a trust provides. It has a complete environment of an actual home with the child care home having names such as “Khushi” and “Asha”, spacious rooms for paralyzed women, an entertainment cum playroom, a doctor’s examination room, recreation rooms with a lot of ventilation, greenery, and security.

Ghar is a dream that has now fructified into reality. Due to Covid, many children have lost their parents. With this initiative, Ghar will be having some of these children being admitted through the Child Welfare Committee (CWC).

Ghar is about making a difference in the lives of marginalized children and orphans, the differently-abled and the elderly.

Sant Ishwar Foundation

Contact Numbers: +91 9372468457/8605948093


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Address: Ghar, Opposite Dashmesh Gurudwara,
179 Deccan College Road, Yerawada, Pune- 411006
Maharashtra, India