Gita Publishing House, SVM participated in London Book Fair 2017

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Gita Publishing House of Sadhu Vaswani Mission participated successfully this year for the 3rd time at the London Book Fair 2017 event organized by Reed Expo, recently. It can be humbly acclaimed that this was by far the best display and most rewarding International fair for the Publishing House, spearheaded by Ms. Gulshan Dudani, M.D and devotee of Rev. Dada J P Vaswani. 

It was a noticeable leap for Gita Publishing House in terms of gaining recognition and appreciation amongst the International book market as the foot falls at the booth this year belonged not only to inquisitive, avid readers in search of motivational subjects, but also included those who had come searching for the booth by name and by recommendations. Also the booth saw a return of interested publisher, translators and agents who had been pursuing for the rights of Dada’s books since the past book fairs. The remarkable fact to be taken into account was that not only International Publishers were looking for Dada’s book titles but also various Indian language Publishers reached out and showed willingness and interest in translating the writings into local Indian languages. 

The Book Fairs have become a milestone platform for seekers from every corner of the world to come, read, touch and feel Dada’s writings. It presents them with opportunities to further their interests in subjects based on spirituality, self help, motivational and some of them even offer and share their experiences from reading the knowledge they’ve gained from the literature and applying Dada’s practical suggestions in their lives. Thus fulfilling the sole purpose of the teachings of Rev. Dada J P Vaswani, being to spread the light and help people gain deep insight into life and equip themselves with tools to handle situations with better presence and calm mind, make better decisions in all spheres of life, career, family and community. The Book Fair proved to be a platform that has helped establish Rev. Dada J P Vaswani titles as a household name Globally.