Goa as a Center of Indian Gambling

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If you are interested in gambling and you live in India, there are quite a few obstacles at first. India is similar to the United States when it comes to regulating its casino and gambling industry. This means that every state has to decide for itself what is permissible and what simply won’t slide. And so, the India state of Goa has decided to shape itself as one of the best gaming centers in the entire country. It has been mostly successful. Players have been visiting various online venues to play excellent games, including rolet77malaysia.com, but since Goa has shifted its attention to gaming, everything has been fine.

Yet, there are certain political challenges that need to be addressed as things are. You see, not everyone agrees with turning the state of Goa into a gaming hub. However, a consensus has been struck.

Goa, A Place for People Who Want to Gamble in India

Yet, no other state is as advanced when it comes to gambling legislation. The state allows casinos to host tourists and boost the state’s GDP. However, there is a slight wrinkle. Similar to Macau, locals are prohibited from participating in gambling activities.

As it turns out, Goa officials don’t think there’s anything wrong with attracting affluent tourists. However, they would not want to risk having to deal with gambling locally. The move is a definitely divisive one.

There is a lot of potentials to attract even more customers by offering Goa residents an opportunity to gamble. Yet, lawmakers are perfectly aware of the challenges that this would create. For one, they would need to create problem gambling bodies to assist individuals who are undergoing an addiction.

This is an expenditure the state isn’t too keen on making. Yet, lawmakers are also familiar with the specific challenges of enforcing a solid, responsible gambling network. It takes effort, determination, grit, and above all else – a lot of funding.

In the face of such challenges, Goa remains open and friendly to tourists who want to bet, but it cautions locals not to – at least for the time being.

How Popular Is Gambling in India?

The short answer is – very. PlayUp, an Australian operator, is determined to push its agenda in the country, with 80% of the company’s customer base being Indian. Yet, India has strict laws against online gambling, and only some states allow the activity to take place in full.

Oftentimes, Indian courts go after individuals who run poker rooms or try to host pools for major sports competitions, such as the FIFA World Cup or the Cricket World Cup. India busts a huge number of criminals day in and day out, and specifically individuals who run various illegitimate gambling activities.

Goa can be considered a ‘relief’ for all those individuals who are keen on gambling and want to do so legitimately. The state doesn’t preclude gambling from Indian citizens who live in other states. In fact, officials most likely expect a lot of the people who come to visit to be residents from other states where local regulations are more restrictive.

Liberalizing the gaming market is definitely a significant advantage. Many countries are already considering making a similar move. India has a state system, so this means different jurisdictions will have to figure it out between themselves.

Yet, for residents outside of Goa, this is good news.