State Government is in support of the Marathi people in Maharashtra-Karnataka border area – Fadnavis

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Mumbai, July 16, 2019 : The Maharashtra government will keep supporting 100 percent to the people who are fighting in Maharashtra and Karnataka border areas till the end of the struggle. This part belongs to the state of Maharashtra, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis expressed.

A meeting, which was pertaining to the issues of Maharashtra-Karnataka border area, is organized in the Sahyadri Guest House along with a delegation of the border people. Mr. Fadnavis was speaking in this meeting. Public Health Minister Eknath Shinde, State Minister for Medical Education Ravindra Chavan, Kiran Thakur and Jagdish Kute among others were present in the meeting.

Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said that the injustice is being done with Marathi people in Karnataka. It is not good for democracy. The government (of Karnataka) does not intend. In connection with the various issues related to the border area, injustices, a meeting will be held with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the issues will be apprised to the central government. If it is needed, we will go to the court. Mr. Fadnavis also assured that the state government will help in all their (border people) efforts.

Two ministers will be appointed by the state government to solve the problem of the people of Maharashtra and Karnataka border areas. So that they can keep an eye on the situation. The Maharashtra government will fund the restoration of closed schools in Belgaum, Karwar and Nipani in border areas. This is a fight to bring border areas to Maharashtra and to keep Marathi schools alive. We will continue this fight within in the realm of the Constitution. He said that Maharashtra government will help the Marathi language in this region to survive and promote by broadcasting the program through free-to-air service.

In this meeting, representatives of a delegation from the border areas initially apprised their issues. On this occasion, representatives of various organizations from Belgaum, Karwar and Nipani in the border areas were present.