Goa Type Bike Rental Scheme To Be Launched In Delhi

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Delhi, 8 January 2021: Following Goa, Delhi to soon launch a scheme where you can rent bike-scooters. You can not only rent them for your essential work but also for roaming around the places. Transport Department has prepared a plan in this regard, and it will be presented to the Transport Minister in the Board meeting of the State Transport Authority (STA).


The plan to provide two-wheelers on rent has been notified long ago by the Union Ministry of Transport. The applicant will get the license from STA, and Bike-scooters will get a commercial permit. The operator must have at least five bikes. However, the state transport department will decide how much the license fee will be for five years. Transport Department will present the draft of the plan to Transport Minister Kailash Gehlot.


If the project is permitted, then it will be shown in the STA Board meeting. If the panel approves the plan, then its notification regarding its implementation will be issued. However, customers will not be allowed to take it outside Delhi.


The scheme will cover all types of two-wheelers with bikes. The bicycles can also be included in this, but electric scooters and bikes will be given more attention. The bike-scooters will be available at low prices to rent. However, the Delhi government will not decide the fare. It will be determined according to the market.


Tourists from Delhi, NCR, and outside states will get the most benefit from this scheme. People coming from other states have to spend a lot on taxi-autos. At the same time, the enjoyment of tourism through auto-taxi becomes gritty due to Traffic Jam. Also, tourists cannot stop anywhere according to their choice. Hence, a bike-scooter on a rental will be a relief in such scenarios.